Wednesday, March 18, 2009

143- i love u..

on saturday(14.3.09)
aku g gile la..mencabar...hehe..aku g ngn myDear...
seronok sgt jln ngn die..coz da lame kami xjumpe...
1st of all..aku nak cite our journey to go there...
on that day...ak bgn awal la jgk kot..kul 6.45am.
Then, aku call die suwo bangun solat n ciap2..
dlm kul 7lbh...die msg aku n cakap die on d'way nak dtg amek aku..aku pun ciap2 la..
on 8.20am, die pn sampai la kat depan pintu kolej aku n suwo aku turun..
pastu kami pun bergerak la ke stesen KTM shah alam..
kami park kete kat c2..then beli tiket LRT g KL central..
kami sampai KL central jam 9lbh..
pastu..kami pun pergi la ke kaunter tiket bas ke genting yg ada kat c2..
tapi malangnye sume tiket utk ke genting pada pg 2..sudah abiz di jual..
almaklumlah..skul oliday on dat day..
aku da rase mcm xde harapan je nak g genting ngn die mse 2..
so dgn perasaan agk kecewa...kami pun dok la jln2 kt kl central 2..
disebabkan aku teringin nak makan ice cream..
kami pun singgah la McD sekejap..
mase tgh duduk2 2..tbe2........
die pun bagi cadangan..nak tau cadangan die ape??..hehe..
die ajak jgk g genting ari 2..die kate..

'jom g genting jgk nak?..kesian awk..da lame ajak saya pegi,tp saya xbawa pun..'
'nak g naek ape??..kan bas xde..'
'kite g naek kete la..nak x?'
'xtau...ikut awak la..awk yg drive..bukan sy..'

itu la perbualan kami mase kat mcD 2..then,da sudah makan ice-cream 2..
kami pun naek train blk shah alam blk...tpt pkul 11..kami pn sampai shah alam..
pastu,aku ajak die g makan dulu..coz aku da lapar..hehe...=p
after makan..kami pun..memulakan p'jalanan ke GENTING..
Jam 1.30..kami pun sampai la di puncak Genting Highland..
Pastu..kami pun g la beli tiket..=)

we are at LONDON..hehe

on da boat..
the 1st game we play is Super
and the last game is Spinner..pening...
puas la we play game there..hehe...
macam game kami main..
dlm kul 6lbh..hujan turun selebat2nye..
so xpat la kami nak maen lagi..
sejuk sangat mase 2...menggigil2 ak..,,ngegege...=D
kami pun bergerak la kuar dari Genting outdoor theme park 2..
then,bile ujan da agak reda..kami pun berangkat pulang...
aku sampai kolej dalam kul 9.30pm..
even ak xdrive..aku still rase penat jgk..
die mesti lagi letih dari aku..kesian die..
thanx dear coz bring me there...luv u so much..=)
that's all 4 today..hehe..

p/s : ekceli byk lg pic yg nak xboleh nk upload dkt my FS la yerk..hehe..=)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

i'm not sure..

btol ke aku semakin kurus??..
i dun noe..aku rase,aku still macam bese je..
xkurus n xde la gemuk..
still cute...hehe..=)
puji diri sendiri la plk..erm..xpela..sekali2 je kan..hehe..
lgpun..kenyataan 2 bukan salah pun..mmg btol pun aku ni cute kan..
so..i dun care...=p
bact to da topic..
aku t'pakse wat post ni pun sebab..
time aku blk cuti yg 3ari hari 2..most of my family..
cakap aku makin kurus..aku pun xpaham..aku rase..
kat s.alam ni aku makan mcm bese la..
maybe..sebab agak lame xjumpa..mereka rase aku lain..
kurus?? i'm not sure..huhu...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Blood Group Analysis

In a nutshell
Cannot stand people who hide the truth
Basic Behavior
Make objectives clear
Possess great deal of confidence
Honest, optimistic and energetic
Strength and endurance depend on their aim
Give up easily if they find the job meaningless
How do they see their future and past?
Positive about the past, thus do not regret about the past
Seek financial stability for the future
How do they express their emotions?
Usually stable and calm
Sensitive towards sincerity
Give frank, direct opinions
How do they work?
Ability to concentrate vary from time to time, depending on aim
Mostly prefer to lead
Can overlook details
In a nutshell
Pessimistic and too sensitive
Basic Behavior
Careful about decision-making
Make things clear in black and white
Care too much about social rules and standards
High tolerance for physical or repetitive work
Cannot take changes easily
Lose interest in a hobby easily
How do they see their future and past?
Try hard to forget the past
Pessimistic about the future
How do they express their emotions?
Able to display cool outlook even though angry
Take longer to heal a broken heart
Sensitive to others' opinions
How do they work?
Handle one thing at a time
Work a line between work and personal affairs
Highly responsible
Tend to choose hobbies which help them release stress
In a nutshell
Cannot take orders easily
Basic Behavior
Make decisions fast
Can be flexible
Do not care about rules
Respect scientific and practical findings
Maintain the longest interest in what they do
Seem impatient
Dislike repetitious work
How do they see their future and past?
Hard to forget recent affairs, but able to forget past and memories
How do they express their emotions?
Cool and objective
Although joke a lot, could actually be very shy
Change moods like the weather
Cannot stop complaining when they are upset
How do they work?
Creative and possess new ideas
Cannot differentiate between work and hobby
Cannot take orders
Do not hesitate to introduce innovative changes and are not worried about theirs criticisms
In a nutshell
Romantic and sentimental
Basic Behavior
Extremely practical
Excellent in analyses
Give fair criticisms
Cannot decide when it comes to important issues
Try to be hard-working
Tend to be impatient
How do they see their future and past?
Sentimental about the past
More concern about the immediate problems than anything else
How do they express their emotions?
Usually cool and steady, but can get upset with an immediate, unsolved problem
Can get moody easily
How do they work?
Able to handle a wide scope of jobs
Value hard work
Quick in understanding
Not highly responsible and unable to follow-up on a project until its completion Tend to be artistic in approach