Saturday, May 30, 2009

My Pillar of Strength

Tibe2 ari ni aku nak cite pasal ibu. Ibu adalah seorang yang melahirkan dan menjaga serta mendidik anaknya dari kecil sampai besar dengan penuh kasih sayang. Bertapa besarnye pengorbanan seorang ibu kepada anaknya. Tanggungjawab seorang ibu adalah sangat berat sekali. Seorang ibu mampu menggembirakan dan menjaga perasaan anak2nye..tapi mampukah seorang anak itu menjaga perasaan ibunye yang seorang??..Renung2kan..

So..for me, My mother is my pillar of strength. She was born on 5 Dec 1962 in Melaka. She is such a good women in the world. I love her damn much. And she also loves me as much as she can love me. She means everything to me. She did not act as my mum only but also as my father and friends. She always supports me in whatever I do. She never put me down. But when I have done something wrong, she wills advice me carefully.

In my childhood, when I get a good result in my exam, my mum always give me some present to me. Eventhought the present is not too expensive, I always appreciate it because it meaningful to me. Besides that, it also can encourage me to do better in future. This doesn’t mean I am a materialistic people but, …..(think ur self)..huhu… On the other hand, she always gives me whatever I want even sometime she ignoring her needed. I never force her to ignoring herself but she herself wants to do that. She said, she happy went I’m happy. ='(

When I was growing up, she never force me to do something that I dislike. My future is in my hand. She also gives freedom to me. She always believes and know I can distinguish between good and bad thing.

My mum was work hard to grow me up alone because my father was death since I’m one years old. She never regret with ‘ketentuan yag kuasa’. She never ignores me but still raise me with full of love. (Seperti menatang minyak yang penuh’. In short, my mum always has been there for me, witnessing the important moments in my life.

She does all that and sacrifices everything for me just because she wants me to success in my life. Besides that, she do not want me to through a hardship life same as her. I love my mother so much. I don’t know how to reply ‘pengorbanannya yang sangat besar’. But, why sometime I must hurt her heart? Why? I don’t know. Mak, I’m so sorry =’(

ibu...ibu...engkaulah ratu hati ku..

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