Sunday, October 10, 2010

.:What should I do?:.

I'm lost,,I'm tired,,I'm sad,,
I'm disappointed with what had happen,,
I'm feel like to give up,,
Anyone can help me??

I'm not understand why this should be happen?
Why people should comparing one another?
Why people always love somebody that give nothing to them??
Why people must hate someone that always with them?,,
where always take care of them..
I know that the love cannot be push,,
but it can be made..right??

Why most of us like to destroy our relationship?
Why?? Is it make u'ols happy with do that?
or u'ols happy to see somebody always felt like 'serba-salah
Is U thing that we doesn't have feeling?

I didn't know what to say anymore..
Please do not destroyed our happiness that we have built before..
Please do not blame us..
Please do not hear something from one-side only,,
If u didn't know the truly of something that going happen,, please ask..
Don't ever judge somebody without prove!
It can hurt someone heart..
Ekceli,, not someone lah,, but many2 heart..
Pity them..
Please lah,, don't let someone cry all over the nite,, everyday..
And make the felt guilty.. Because of something that not their mistake..

We never make all of u trouble..
We always try to solve our problem by ourself,,
and always support u'ols..
But,, why u'ols still blame us??
Every single day,, I always think,,
Why all this happen to us?
Why she always be blame?
But I didn't get the answer..

Please stop all this dear,,Please don't ignore us,,
Let us be like before,,We need each other..
I love all of u..

I must be strong,,
even I know that I'm not a strong person..
But,, in front of her..I always act as hero,,
I always try to make her happy,,
I hope,, I'll always be with her..
I promise that I'll never leave her alone..
I'll try my best to solve this problem..



E.d.Y said...

be strong k...

meh join contest MORTAR BOARD..

Nesa 21 said...

sabar ye..



E.d.Y said...

kalau gambar org lain xboleh..kene hantar gambar sendiri...buat la ucapan

jangan lupa join contest MORTAR BOARD..

misz FaTiN said...

edy : insyaallah fatin akan join contest 2.. tgh pk ayat ni..huhu.. :P

misz FaTiN said...

nesa 21: TQ dear.. ^_^

misz FaTiN said...

kamal.. nothing..